About the Show

Come vibe with us as we celebrate the magic and artistry of Black women at the “A Spectacular Black Girl Art Show.” This isn’t just an art show – it’s a journey through diverse expressions, powerful stories, and unparalleled talent, all in one vibrant space.

What to expect: 🎉

Art Everywhere

Dive deep into a sea of artworks from paintings and sculptures to digital masterpieces, all shining a spotlight on Black women’s incredible artistry.

Stories Untold

Feel the essence of art narrating tales of identity, heritage, spirituality, and so much more.

Art in Action

Get a front-row seat to see artistry in motion, watching blank canvases transform into wonders.

A Vibe

2-step to DJ mixes and soak up the energetic, feel-good vibes.

Connect & Chill

Mix, mingle, and vibe with art enthusiasts and creators in a welcoming setting.

Sips & Sounds

Enjoy cocktails and bites paired with live musical acts, blending different art forms

Get Your Tickets

Mark your calendar and join us for an unforgettable evening of culture, conversation, and creativity, paired with pulsating rhythms and lively ambiance, as we showcase and applaud the magnificent artistic contributions of Black women.


Artists & Vendors

A Spectacular Black Girl Art Show is a national exhibition experience celebrating black women artist using various forms of media.

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Our celebration of black women artists includes 10 cities, 400+ artists, and 10k+ attendees nationwide so an extra hand is always helpful! Earn free passes, exclusive merch, and more! Sign up and let us know how you’d like to volunteer.

“BLACK PAINT” a documentary short, captures Joshua Love’s journey from launching art shows in a church basement to orchestrating the nation’s largest celebration of Black artists. Initially featuring 20 artists, his vision expanded the Black Girl Art Show and Black Boy Art Show to include over 3,000 global artists.



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About Us

A Spectacular Black Girl Art Show is a bi-annual art exhibit displaying the work of all black female artists using varying forms of media. This show is aimed toward celebrating black women, the strength in their diversity, and the power in our unity.

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